An Auto Accident Can Disrupt Your Entire Life

They affect your enjoyment of everyday activities while disrupting relationships, work, recreation and pretty much everything else.

Auto accidents can produce some incredibly frustrating and nagging injuries. 

Some of the most common places to find pain after a car accident are the neck, shoulder, and back. Fortuantely with trained professionals there are many options to help you recover from auto accidents and get you back on your feet.

How We Can Help

Getting you back to normal as soon as possible is our number one goal. To do that, we will likely recommend one or more of the following: 

  • Joint manipulation to decrease your pain, limit inflammation and ease muscle spasm.
  • Therapeutic streching to restore your flexibility and ease pain.


Let's Put That Injury Behind You

An accident may be a part of your story but it is certainly not the end of it.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yockey as soon as possible and get the treatment and care you deserve.
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