Sports Injury Rehab at Prebish Chiropractic Centre combines Rehabilitation, Advice, Soft Tissue Therapy and Joint Manipulation to treat sports injuries, increase performance, and improve the quality of life.

Our patients, whether an athlete or not, will be given a corrective exercises prescription as part of their treatment plan. Dr. Yockey is a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician(CCSP) and has devoted his career to learning and understanding all types of sports injuries from Football, soccer, wrestling to baseball, volleyball and running sports, equestrian and swimming injuries.


During the initial process of care, therapeutic exercises are given based on the injury diagnosis.

Once the pain starts to subside, exercises are prescribed specifically to the patient’s functional/biomechanical assessment, sport, work demands, or activities of daily living. Rehab is specific to your injury and your sports activities.


The key to any treatment plan is specific advice regarding activities of daily living, proper warm-ups, preventative measures, referral to technique coaches, etc.

Many times these tips are what make the difference in freeing the pain and preventing its return. Too many practitioners forget this key component of care.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Treatments such as Myofascial therapy, Graston Technique and Massage therapy are vital components of any sports rehab program.

Without addressing the myofascial restrictions of a patient, many times you will miss the true cause of the pain. Many times kinesiology taping will be utilized to assist the athlete with movement performance, or injury management.

Joint Manipulation

As a one of the only Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians in Battle Creek, Michigan, addressing any joint restrictions that are present may be necessary in restoring proper motion to the area as well as improving the biomechanics.

Many times a joint restriction in the spine or joint may cause reactive muscular tightness or restriction and be the root cause of the pain/injury. For example, For throwing or overhead sport activity, proper thoracic spine mobility is a critical factor in proper shoulder mobility and stability.

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