Suffering from back and neck pain one of the most common complaints we hear from people of all ages.

Dealing with the discomfort can really interfere with your day-to-day activities. If you find yourself suffering from acute or chronic back or neck pain, we recommend the following changes in your lifestyle. 

1. Be More Active

Aerobic exercise is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your overall health. Individuals who are regularly active have substantially less back and neck pain than individuals who live a more sedentary lifestyle. If you’re starting fresh, be sure to talk to your chiropractor or doctor first to check if there any limitations to what you can do during a workout. Then, start slowly and gradually increase your workout intensity and frequency.

2. Improve Your Posture

Whether you’re standing, sitting, sleeping, or working at a desk, your posture in all of these situations matters. Many back and neck conditions are created from the continuous strain that comes from a spine that isn't being properly supported. Always be mindful to try to keep your spine in a “neutral” position. To minimize upper back and neck pain while sleeping you should do your best to avoid thick or multiple pillows, and try not to sleep on your stomach. For advice on setting up an ergonomic workstation, download this infographic

3. Clean Up Your Diet

Another pillar to good health is, of course, having a healthy diet. Carrying any excess weight will inevitably add additional strain to your spine. It is also wise to try to decrease your consumption of red meat & refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour, and increase your consumption of veggies and fruits. Opt for "healthy" oils like olive or canola, and choose water instead of drinks that have high sugar and calorie content. 

4. Stretch More

10-15 minutes of stretching every day can have a significant impact on how you feel and on how your body functions. Try this simple Bruegger Relief stretch that can be performed from just about anywhere. 

5. Schedule an Appointment With Us

Just like visiting the dentist is beneficial for your teeth, the same goes for making an appointment with a spinal expert. If you have back or neck pain, call us to set up a time for a check-up. We can define the root cause of the problem and help you get back to a healthier and more comfortable life.

When you make these simple changes to your lifestyle, you'll notice yourself feeling younger, healthier and have a new outlook on life. Imagine how great it would feel to start each day like this.